14-year-old Aiden Shotwell struck by police vehicle while crossing the street


The narrative surrounding teenagers as it relates to motor vehicle accidents in the United States is one that most people are familiar with. A familiar but tragic storyline of an overexcited high school student who’s paying attention to anything and everything but the road. 

In 2019 alone, roughly 258,000 teenagers in the United States needed emergency medical attention for injuries suffered in car accidents, with 2,400 of those teens ages 13-19 passing away.

While the incident that took place on November 14 in the area of Louisiana Highway 378 and Phillips Road involved a 14-year-old, it did not evolve in necessarily the same manner as the familiar storyline.

According to reports, it appears that Aiden Shotwell was likely in the process of crossing a street when he was hit by a Westlake Police vehicle. 

Shotwell was seriously injured in the collision, required emergency surgery, then was transported to another hospital to receive treatment for a serious brain injury. We’re hoping to hear positive developments regarding his recovery.

This is certainly a concerning story considering the spotlight on law enforcement behavior throughout the country in the last several years. 

The investigation is ongoing, and it’s going to be intriguing to watch as the parish and the state review what happened. While it seems likely that Westlake police are taking a look as to what the pedestrian’s behavior was before the collision, reports indicate that this is being handled on a much higher level by the Louisiana State Police.

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